Call For Paper    (Vol.21,Issue-5, May-2024) 

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Editorial Board


Mrs. Pravina . (Publisher) . 

Mr. Rajeev dave(USA)

Mr. Zahid mohammad (USA)

Mr.Thomas R. (India)

Mr. Ahmed Akram (UAE)

Mr. Shivam Trivedi (USA)

Mrs. Sunita Sharma (UK)

Mr. Allen Walter (Canada)

Mr. Ritesh s. (USA)

Mr. Adrigno Ernest (France)


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  • Editorial  Board Policy

         Our Article Panel always believes in Top quality. they will never bargain with quality of articles .The publishers should regularly evaluate all opinions for quality; they may also modify opinions before publishing them to writers, or simply not publish them if they sense they are not beneficial or appropriate. Scores of evaluation quality and other efficiency features of evaluators should be regularly analyzed to ensure maximum efficiency, and must lead to choices on reappointment or continuous evaluation demands. Individual efficiency data may be presented for evaluators and it must take place secret.

  • Penalty:- 
  • If found any violation and plagirism then Immediate rejection of the manuscript .
  • our board is strict to our Policies.